While being in separation with Ferrer, Audrey was romored to have an affair with "Two for the Road" co-star Albert Finney. The couple broke up before divorcing. At this time she met Italian psychiatrist Andrea Dotti on a cruise and fell in love with him on a trip to some Greek ruins. She believed she would have many children, and possibly stop working. She married him on 18 January 1969. Hepburn was much more careful when she was pregnant with Luca in 1969 (son was born 8th February 1970); she rested for months and passed the time by painting before delivering Luca by caesarean section. Hepburn had her final miscarriage in 1974.
The marriage lasted 13 years and ended in 1982, after Luca and Sean were old enough to handle life with a single mother. While being married to Dotti, Audrey met Robert Wolders, a Dutch actor who was the widower of film star Merle Oberon. After Hepburn's divorce was final, she and Wolders started their lives together, although they never married. In 1989, after nine years with him, she called them the happiest years of her life.
From 1967 onward, after fifteen highly successful years in film, Hepburn acted only occasionally. After her eventual separation from Dotti, she attempted a comeback, co-starring with Sean Connery in the period piece "Robin and Marian" in 1976, which was moderately successful. Audrey finally returned to cinema in 1979, taking the leading role in Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline. Author Sidney Sheldon revised his novel when it was reissued to tie into the film, making her character older to better match the actress' age. The film was a critical and box office failure.
Hepburn's last starring role in a cinematic film was with Ben Gazzara in the comedy "They All Laughed", directed by Peter Bogdanovich. The film was overshadowed by the murder of one of its stars, Bogdanovich's girlfriend, Dorothy Stratten; the film was released after Stratten's death but only in limited runs. In 1987, she co-starred with Robert Wagner in a tongue-in-cheek made-for-television caper film, "Love Among Thieves" which borrowed elements from several of Hepburn's films, most notably "Charade" and "How to Steal a Million". The TV-film, which also starred Jerry Orbach as a villain, was only a moderate success, with Hepburn being quoted that she appeared in it just for fun.
Hepburn's last film role, a cameo appearance, was an angel in Steven Spielberg's "Always", filmed in 1988. This film was also only moderately successful. In the final months of her life, Hepburn completed two entertainment-related projects: she hosted a television documentary series entitled "Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn", which debuted on PBS the day of her death, and she also recorded a spoken word album, "Audrey Hepburn's Enchanted Tales" featuring readings of classic children's stories, which would win her a posthumous Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children.
In 1992, when Hepburn returned to Switzerland from her visit to Somalia, she began to feel abdominal pains. She went to specialists and received inconclusive results, so she decided to have it examined while on a trip to Los Angeles in October. On November 1, doctors conducted a laparoscopy surgery and discovered abdominal cancer that had spread from her appendix. The cancer had grown slowly over the course of several years, and metastasized not as a tumor, but as a thin encasing over her small intestine. The doctors performed surgery and then put Hepburn through 5-fluorouracil Leucovorin chemotherapy. A few days later, she had an occlusion. Medication was not enough to dull the pain, so on December 1, she had a second surgery. After one hour, the surgeon decided that the cancer had spread too far and could not be removed.
As Hepburn was unable to tolerate a commercial flight, Givenchy arranged for socialite Bunny Mellon to send her private jet to L.A. and take Hepburn home to Switzerland. Mellon filled the cabin with flowers. Audrey Hepburn died of colon cancer (more specifically appendiceal cancer) on 20 January 1993, in Tolochenaz, Switzerland, and was interred there. She was sixty-three.

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