Gardens of the World

Original title: Gardens of the World with Audrey Hepburn
Director: Bruce Franchini
Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Michael York (narrator), Gustavo Tavares
Photography by: Jeri Sopanen
Runtime: 30 min. (8 episodes)
Year: 1993

About: Audrey Hepburn takes viewers on a tour of the world's greatest gardens.

¤ series grew from the book "Gardens of the World" by Penelope Hobhouse and Elvin McDonald.
¤ Audrey contributed the book's foreword, and hosts the series from the world's most famous gardens in the United States, Japan, Santo Domingo, Italy, Holland, France and England. After Audrey's illness in 1992, Michael York stepped in as host.
¤ Hepburn's only TV series. It was also her last appearance before cameras (not counting awards shows appearances) before her death.
¤ Audrey donated her salary to UNICEF.
¤ Episodes VII and VIII, about Tropical and Japanese Gardens, were not broadcast until 1996.

Emmy: Outstanding Individual Achievement - Informational Programming (Audrey Hepburn - for episode "Flower Gardens")


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