The Children's Hour

Director: William Wyler
Writers: John Michaels Hayes, Lillian Hellman (play)
Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, James Garner, Miriam Hopkins, Fay Bainter, Karen Balkin, Veronica Cartwright
Photography by: Franz Planer, Philip H. Lathrop
Music by: Henry Mancini
Runtime: 107 min.
Year: 1962

About: A private school for young girls is scandalized when one spiteful student, Mary Tilford, accuses the two young women who run the school of having a lesbian relationship.

¤ Katharine Hepburn and Doris Day were originally considered for the lead roles.
¤ Audrey's final black and white film..
¤ Miriam Hopkins who played Martha in the original film "These Three" (1936) played the part of Martha's Aunt Lily. Merle Oberon, who played Karen in the original film, turned down the part of Mrs. Tilford.
¤ Screenwriter John Michael Hayes was so faithful to Lillian Hellman's play that large chunks of the dialogue are identical to the dialogue in "These Three" (1936).

Oscars: nominations: Najlepsza Aktorka w Roli Drugoplanowej, Najlepsza Scenografia, Najlepsze Zdjęcia, Najlepsze Kostiumy, Najlepszy DĽwięk
Golden Globes: nominacje: Najlepsza Aktorka w Dramacie, Najlepsza Reżyseria, Najlepsza Aktorka w Roli Drugoplanowej
Laurel Awards:Najlepsza Aktorka w Dramacie; nominacje: Najlepsza Aktorka w Roli Drugoplanowej, Najlepsza Aktorka w Dramacie (Audrey Hepburn)


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