Green Mansions

Director: Mel Ferrer
Writer: Dorothy Kingsley, Williama Henry Hudson (novel)
Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Anthony Perkins, Lee J. Cobb, Sessue Hayakawa, Henry Silva, Nehemiah Persoff, Michael Pate
Photography by: Joseph Ruttenberg
Music by: Bronislau kaper, Sidney Cutner
Runtime: 104 min.
Year: 1959

About: Abel, son of a murdered government official escapes into the Venezuelan interior bent on revenge. Beyond the jungle in a dense forest, Abel finds an ethereal, innocent girl who has bonded completely with nature, although raised solely by her mysterious grandfather.

¤ Hepburn turned down the title role in "The Diary of Anne Frank" to be in this film.
¤ Pier Angeli was at one point considered for the role of Rima.
¤ This was the first major Hollywood film to be shot in Panavision. The Panavision process faced its first major test when Audrey expressed worries that the widescreen process would distort her already square face. Test footage made in Panavision revealed this not to be the case, and reportedly received applause when it was shown for Hepburn and others in a test screening.
¤ In the 1970s, the character of Rima was revived for a comic book. In 1980 she was included in the Superfriends episode "Return of Atlantis".
¤ During the film, Rima is shown accompanied by a fawn. In order for the animal to properly bond with the actress, Audrey effectively adopted the baby deer in the weeks preceding production.


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