Monte Carlo Baby

Director: Jean Boyer, Lester Fuller
Writers: Jean Boyer, Lester Fuller
Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Jules Munshin, Cara Williams, Michele Farmer, Philippe Lemaire, Russell Collins
Music by: Paul Misraki
Photography by: Charles Suin
Runtime: 70 min.
Yeark: 1951

About: When a measles epidemic forces the temporary closing of a child care center, the son of a film star and her estranged husband, a concert pianist, is mistakenly delivered to a touring musician.

¤ Audrey played spoiled actress - Linda Farrel.
¤ Shot at the same time as a French-language version, "Nous irons a Monte Carlo" (1952). Since Hebpburn was fluent in French, she appeared in both versions (only name of her character was changed).
¤ It was during the filming of this movie that Hepburn met Colette, who recommended her for a stage version of her novel, "Gigi".


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