Paris When it Sizzles

Directors: Richard Quine
Writers: George Axelrod, Julien Duvivier and Henri Jeanson (story - "Le fete a Henriette")
Cast: William Holden, Audrey Hepburn, Gregoire Aslan, Raymond Bussieres, Christian Duvaleix, Michel Thomass
Music by: Nelson Riddle
Photography by: Charles Lang, Claude Renoir
Runtime: 110 min.
Year: 1964

About: Hollywood producer Alexander Meyerheimer has hired drunken writer Richard Benson to write his latest movie. Benson has been holed up in a Paris apartment supposedly working on the script for months, but instead has spent the time living it up. Benson now has just two days to the deadline and thus hires a temporary secretary, Gabrielle Simpson, to help him complete it in time.

¤ Filming ended only two days before production began on Hepburn's next film "Charade" (1963). The small park with its Punch and Judy puppet stage, seen during the opening credits, appears in both films.
¤ Tony Curtis was a last-minute addition to the cast, apparently added to the film in much the same way in which he suddenly appears in the screenplay.
¤ Mel Ferrer had a cameo as a police driver near the end of the movie. Aside from him in small parts appeared Noel Coward (Alexander Meyerheim) and Marlene Dietrich (as herself).
¤ During one scene, Hepburn and Holden compare Frankenstein to "My Fair Lady" (1964), the latter of course being the film Audrey would soon star in. Also, at the beginning of the masquerade scene, another Hepburn's movie is mentioned - "Breakfast at Tiffany's".
¤ According to her son Sean Ferrer's memoir, this was Hepburn's least favorite of the films she made during her years as a star, this despite the fact she called it "a joy to make". Ferrer wrote that it taught Audrey a lesson, "just because the film was easy to make doesn't mean it's going to be very good."
¤ Hubert de Givenchy was the first to receive a screen credit for a scent. He got screen credit for Audrey's perfume.


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