The Secret Poeple

Director: Thorold Dickinson
Writers: Thorold Dickinson, Joyce Cary, Wolfgang Wilhelm
Cast: Valentina Cortese, Serge Reggiani, Charles Goldner, Audrey Hepburn, Angela Fouldes, Megs Jenkins, Irene Worth
Music by: Roberto Gerhard
Photography by: Gordon Dines
Runtime: 96 min.
Year: 1952

About: n 1930, Maria Brentano and her younger sister Nora flee to London after their father is murdered by a European dictator. Seven years later, during a weekend trip to Paris, Maria unexpectedly meets Louis, her former lover who is now plotting the assassination of the dictator. Maria and Nora become involved in the plan, which goes tragically wrong when the time bomb they plant kills an innocent bystander.

¤ Audrey appeared as Nora, the younger sister.
¤ Thorold Dickinson directed Audrey's screen test for Roman Holiday.


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