Love Among Thieves

Director: Roger Young
Writers: Stephen Black, Henry Stern
Cast: Audrey Hepburn, Robert Wagner, Patrick Bauchau, Jerry Orbach, Brion James, Samantha Eggar, Christopher Neame
Music by: Arthur B. Rubinstein
Photography by: Gayne Rescher
Runtime: 100 min.
Year: 1987

About: Caroline, a baroness and concert pianist, steals three jewel-encrusted Faberge eggs from a San Francisco museum. The eggs were demanded as ransom for her kidnapped fiancÚ. She boards a plane for the Latin American city of Ladera, as per instructions, and is met by Mike Chambers. Caroline first believes that Mike is one of the kidnappers, until a mysterious man in a trench-coat tries to kill her, and Mike comes to the rescue.

¤ This was a pastiche of Audrey's earlier films "Charade" (1963) and How to "Steal a Million" (1966), with dialog references to some of her other films.
¤ Hepburn's first TV movie since a 1957 production of "Mayerling", and the last feature-length production in which she would take a starring role. According to biographies of the actress, she reportedly agreed to do this obscure telefilm just for the fun of it.


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