One Wild Oat

Director: Charles Saunders
Writers: Lawrence Huntington, Vernona Sylvaine (play)
Cast: Robertson Hare, Stanley Holloway, Sam Costa, Andrew Crawford, Vera Pearce, June Sylvaine, Robert Moreton
Music by: Stanley Black
Photography by: Robert Navarro
Runtime: 77 min.
Year: 1951

About: A barrister attempts to discourage his daughter's infatuation for a philanderer by revealing his past. The plan backfires when the daughter's would-be father-in-law threatens to reveal the barrister's shady background.

¤ Audrey appeared as hotel receptionist.
¤ According to some biographies of Audrey Hepburn, her role in this film was originally much larger (one book indicated that her character was in fact the "wild oat" of the title), but jittery censors forced most of her part to be cut.


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